Saturday, June 6, 2009

Homebrew Plus 6 Weeks

Making beer is an ancient and time-honored art; beer provides sustenance for the fast and pleasure for the palette. Me and the Homebrews is a chronicle of a bunch of guys following in the footsteps of the great Abbey Monks and their brews. In their honor, we domestic monks chose a Belgian style Dubbel Ale; this potent brew weighs in at 8% ABV.


This is the day we've been waiting for! The magic 6 week mark: the first day we could be enjoying our very first homebrew. As is it, we'll wait. Not, mind you, from any virtue; no, a simple lack of supplies put the kabosh on the celebration.

The place where we can get the CO2 is closed on weekends and only open 9-5 weekdays (as in when I'm working too). Haven't I been saying I should get this beforehand? Why don't I listen to me? Ah, well, it's a 6-8 week fermentation period anyway. We've made a plan to get it this week.

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