Monday, June 8, 2009

9th Circuit Says San Francisco Can Discriminate But Catholics Can't

[FindLaw]A federal court of appeals has rejected a civil rights lawsuit challenging a 2006 San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolution addressing a Catholic leader's directive on same-sex adoptions. The court ruled that the resolution did not have a predominantly religious purpose or an effect of expressing hostility towards the Catholic religion, but instead was "simply a statement of the Board's position on same-sex adoption."
And Catholic adoption agencies will continue to close up shop as a result rather than be strong-armed into violating their consciences in the name of political correctness.

Catholics more than any other group in the United States have been responsible for establishing hospitals, schools, and (free) aid and succor to the poorest of the poor for a hundred years and more. Along come some vocal minority radicals who want to upend anything "establishment", and they seek to destroy the good to further their own narrow ends. Or, more charitably, they seek what they perceive as a good based on an extremely thin notion of human nature.

Sad, really. I kind of wonder what took San Francisco so long -- I've long considered it a foreign country.

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