Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homebrew Plus 7 Weeks

Making beer is an ancient and time-honored art; beer provides sustenance for the fast and pleasure for the palette. Me and the Homebrews is a chronicle of a bunch of guys following in the footsteps of the great Abbey Monks and their brews. In their honor, we domestic monks chose a Belgian style Dubbel Ale; this potent brew weighs in at 8% ABV.


Finally we got the CO2 cylinder filled; more accurately we exchanged it for a full one. We spent an hour sanitizing the keg pieces, pressurized the keg, and then blew off the sanitizer. All of that used quite a bit of CO2 which was surprising, since we hadn't filled it with beer yet. The carboy was siphoned off into the 5 gallon keg. It made almost exactly the right amount. The beer is currently chilling and absorbing CO2 for drinking.

Yay beer!

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