Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WBN Endorses Paul, Just This Guy, You Know? For Illinois District 62

Anyone who has been paying attention for the last generation or so knows that it isn't the economic issues that are most important, it's the social.

Our traditional values have been under attack from radical social forces who are determined to tinker with the bedrock of our society. These values are traditional, not because they are quaint, and not because they are deeply held personal beliefs, they are traditional because they work.

Mothers and fathers raising children in nuclear or extended families; valuing life from the moment of conception until natural death; freedom tempered with individual responsibility; God, Country, Family -- these are things that make us strong as a country and moral pillars as individuals. Personal responsibility means that you have to step up when it is your turn.

Therefore, WBN enthusiastically endorses Paul Mitchell for the Illinois General Assembly, 62nd district, in the February, 2010 primary. Paul is a true social conservative who can be counted on to represent the interests of the people of the 62nd district -- and by safeguarding our values there, safeguarding them for us in the neighboring states.

Paul writes:
It doesn't matter where you live. Liberal laws in one state, we have learned, affect other states. So do conservative laws.

I need a jump start. Please contribute. And if you have a blog, website, or twitter account, please link to my campaign website, PaulFor62.com, and endorse me on your blog.

for Illinois General Assembly, District 62
Paul also writes regularly on Thoughts of a Regular Guy -- he is a guy we know. Let's help him out peeps!

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