Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heartless Couple Of Down Syndrome Baby Sue Doctor

Oregon is a strange place; being the home of assisted suicide, it's not a far stretch to see how they got here.
[W]ithin days of the birth of their daughter, Deborah and Ariel Levy learned the baby did have Down syndrome. Had they known, they say, they would have terminated the pregnancy. Now they're suing in Multnomah County Circuit Court, seeking more than $14 million to cover the costs of raising her and providing education, medical care, and speech and physical therapy for their daughter, who turned 2 this month. The suit also seeks money to cover her life-long living expenses.

The Levys declined to be interviewed. Their attorney, David K. Miller, said the toddler is as dear to them as their two older children but they fear being perceived as "heartless."
News flash -- you are heartless. Anyone who can say: "we love our little darling, but we'd have killed her if we'd known" is by definition a selfish, heartless person.

If you'd like a little heartless, how about considering that a) no medical test is ever 100% reliable and you have no expectation of such; you could have gotten a second opinion -- later tests indicated positive; and b) the genetic defect that resulted in your daughter's condition came from you -- maybe you should be sued for causing it.

I'd like to sue you for impersonating people with consciences.

Now for the record: my son (Nub) has Down Syndrome; my other four children don't. I never, never, ever, for one moment blamed anyone else for that happening. Not once. Maybe a little "why me?", but no blame of God, me, her -- or the doctor for crying out loud!

Doctors aren't omniscient. Tests are not always conclusive. Life. Just. Isn't. Fair. Get used to it, and quit looking for a handout.


Patrick said...

And for the record, your son brings more joy to everybody around him than should be allowed by law. I'm glad he is who he is. :)

Oh, and I'm really glad that he has the parents he has - you guys are awesome.

Ria said...

hi. 1st time visitor here.
I like your post. You tell 'em! They need to be bopped on the head or something. I have a 20-month old son with DS and I would not have sued our doctor for not prenatally diagnosing. Sure, it was a surprise. But hey, we're grown-ups here and it would just be selfish, greedy, and heartless if we sued our doctor. Grrr. They make me mad.

Nod said...

The more I read the story, the more greed I see. This is about being a gold digger. Assuming a 50 year life expectancy (average for DS) you'd have to spend $280,000 every year to reach the sum of $14 million.

You can support more than one family and a dozen kids in lavish style for 50 years for that kind of money. And DS kids aren't even that hard to raise medically speaking.

Pure unadulterated greed.

Nod said...

Thanks, Pat.

Mrs. Nod said...

Pat -

When he is pulling their hair out (and I do mean out -- Nib has bald spots), his sisters would disagree on the joy part. They'd claim it was only sometimes. :)

But they love him anyway.

Renee said...

Great post. I am appalled (but unfortunately not surprised) by the parents' actions...


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