Friday, June 26, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare A Clue?

Walking in DC for the last several days, as I pass by McPherson Square, I see strange sights.

It started out pretty normally, just traffic cops directing traffic -- although there isn't a thing wrong with the traffic lights.

The next time I pass by there is an addition snaking around all four sides of the square: some kind of multi-colored bundle of cables. Maybe they are re-timing the lights ... take a picture with the camera phone, think about it later.

Next day I pass by and the cables are still there, but now there's also some kind of mobile crane. I've seen VDOT use these before to fix the traffic lights; yeah, they're fixing the lights, that must be it. I'm so smart ...

Coming back again, I see they've added a new mobile crane. Wait, is that a spotlight on top of the crane? You don't use spotlights for traffic; something's screwy here. Rushing off ...

A-ha! Now I remember where I've seen those lights: in the theater. You have lecos and frenels; shouldn't there be colored gels with that? Oh, yes here they are: gels.

Wait, if these are theater gels, there must be some kind of show about to happen. It's large and outside, it's in the Square. Didn't I hear something about filming going on near the Key Bridge? I wonder ... yes! Lookee here on that unit!

But this isn't the Key Bridge, this is McPherson Square. But the lights aren't pointed into the Square they are pointing out. So what is worth filming that is at the other end of the Square? Uh, oh yeah -- that.

Still haven't found out what movie it's going to be, but it's been fun to think about for five minutes a day. It is unfolding like a serial mystery. Watson, a clue!


Rachael said...

a clue, but still nothing real

Polska said...

I heard that MTv's the Real World will be doing the next season in DC.


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