Saturday, June 6, 2009

Master of Detection: Round Duex

Wow, ok, looks like our little poll for Best Detective in the sidebar has resulted in a tie between Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Father Brown also fared respectably, but Miss Marple brought up the rear.

That was unexpected.

Now we have to decide between two greats: a pipe-smoking, drug-taking, master of detection from London; or a portly, mincing, Belgian master of detective psychology with his "little grey cells".

To whom goes the crown and why? We await your answers.


Kay Carlson said...

Agatha Christie was my favorite author when I was growing up. Her English countryside and/or exotic locations and multitude of fascinating suspects were all I needed in fiction. Maybe I’m stunted as a classics reader, but it was worth it.

Nod said...

Sherlock Holmes is arguably the most famous detective ever. With his emphasis on logic, attention to detail, and application to his environment, Holmes is the icon that all others strive to emulate.


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