Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aircraft Carriers Now Run By Texting

Well, I bet you didn't see this coming.

Radio commercials for ARINC are boasting that all the functions aboard an aircraft carrier can be performed using texting technology, including navigation, avionics, and the ability to maneuver and land military and commercial air, land, and sea craft.

Do we really want to have some n00b with an itchy thumb on billions of dollars worth of military equipment with lives hanging in the balance? As if texting while driving wasn't bad enough!

Here is what could happen when these two unlikely things come together:
Operator: opN D pod bay drs, hal.
Ship: Sry dv, i cnt do dat


Operator: nEme n range. launch d fyters. fyr d guns!
Ship: l%k Dave, I cn C ur realy ^set bout dis. I onestly tnk u ought 2 sit dwn calmly, taK a str$ pill, n tnk fings ovr.


sos. kbrd brokN. shp 1ly turns <-


op: nd hlp. radar nt wurkn
m8: ok. w8. w r u?
op: dk. h20 evrywhr.


d capt. saw u nekN d 1st m8. big strife


IK d foe S atackin. wups brb, dats my cll w8N


i pushD d rong butN, now d planes r n d H2O


av u evr triD 2 prllel prk d rcraft carrier n d str8 of Hrmuz?


w'r nt yr foe. cnt we B F? we've got d bigA guns, lol


incr speed 2 4T nts n hrd 2 (*) board
For those of us who aren't particularly texting inclined, try this texting translator here.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome. Made me laugh.


Mrs. Nod said...

Hey -- you succeeded. Yeah.

Now if only I didn't need the text translator to enjoy it.

LarryD said...

Vry gd! lol lol


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