Monday, June 1, 2009

Not So Cutie

Father Oprah is gone from the ranks of the Catholic Church in all but official release and now he's the Episcopals' problem. Manifestly of no strong conviction or shame, Cutie preached his first Protestant sermon on forgiveness -- but apparently has forgotten about repentance.

[USAToday] [Alberto] Cutie is the priest who published books on relationships, did TV shows for the Catholic church all while hiding a two-year relationship with a girlfriend until, oops, he was photographed patting her fanny -- inside her suit -- on a beach [in Florida].

In blazing time he was out the Catholic door and loudly welcomed in by Bishop Leo Frade, head of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida.

Episcopalx-blog200 The article features an AP photo in which "Rev. Alberto Cutie hugs his girlfriend, Ruhama Buni Canellis, after he gave his first sermon since leaving the Roman Catholic Church in Biscayne Park, Fla. on Sunday."

Now in a delicious piece of irony, Ruhama is a name from the Old Testament book of Hosea in which the prophet is commanded to marry a prostitute as a sign of the people's unfaithfulness to God. Their offspring are given the symbolic names of Jezreel (valley of defeat), Lo-ruhama: "she is not pitied", and Lo-ammi,"not my people".

Coincidence? I think not.

If Cutie was so quick to throw over the Catholic priesthood for a pretty face, what makes ANYONE think he will keep his promises to another church or another woman?

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