Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sorry, Grasshopper

A bit of sad news.

David Carradine has died from an apparent suicide in a Thailand hotel. Carradine was best known for his TV role as Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine wandering the dusty West. Thereafter he became a self-appointed advocate for the martial arts.
[Bloomberg] Martial arts “can change your life,” he said. I think it can save the world if everybody can get hold of the true message, which has nothing to do with defending yourself or punching people out.”
Apparently, Carradine was still looking for the "life changing message" when he died. The only truly life changing message I've found involved three nails and a spear and a God who loved me passionately enough to die for me. May that same God have mercy on his soul.

I always liked the show Kung Fu growing up. I think this commercial is a fitting tribute to Carradine's work (re-posted from February).

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