Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle: Cry Me A River

The videos of Susan Boyle shocking the judges on Britain's Got Talent with her voice are everywhere by now. Ordinary homebody to overnight sensation.

Now, the Daily Record has reportedly dug up a 1999 recording of Susan singing Cry Me A River for a charity CD. I like her sound more on this one.

Some details from the article which I found touching:
  • She's Catholic
  • She took care of her mother until her death at 91 two years ago
  • Susan suffered a mild form of brain damage at birth and she admitted to Sawyer that she was bullied when she was younger.
  • She said this week: “I’m taking it all in my stride and I’m quite relaxed about everything.

The Millennium Celebration disc, which was partly funded by Whitburn Community Council, was the brainchild of local newspaper editor Eddie Anderson.

He launched a search for unsigned acts to take part. And as soon as he heard Susan at the auditions he knew he had found something special.

“I was amazed when she sang,” Eddie said. “It was probably the same reaction as everyone had last Saturday.

“Susan was exactly the same then as she is now. She has a fabulous and unique talent.”

She's just the way she is. Love it.

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