Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Magic Beans?

Every once in a while the Nodlings do something that I can't explain.

Wynken is a night-owl (like his old man) and it is very hard to get him to actually settle down and sleep. Many is the time we've put the kabosh on a midnight book-fest. Requests, rewards, threats, and punishments are of small duration and even lesser value.

Wynken came home from soccer practice in time to head out to his Cub Scout meeting (which he thoroughly enjoys). I, for my part, came home from work early to take him to the same. Only we didn't go.

"I have Terra Nova testing tomorrow, so I need a good night's sleep." (Terra Nova is like SOL testing.) I just checked on him and he is asleep!

What kid does that? No thanks, no fun for me, I have a test tomorrow.

Blynken and Nod-girl also followed suit. Amazing. What kind of crack do the teachers use at school with Terra Nova testing?

Give me your magic beans, you must give them to me!

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