Tuesday, April 21, 2009

German Bishop Gone Rogue

The good folks over at CMR alert us to a post over at CathCon reporting that the Chairman of the German Bishop's Conference has denied that Christ suffered and died for our sins.
Christ "did not die for the sins of the people as if God had provided a sacrificial offering, like a scapegoat" - said the archbishop.
Um, yeah, He did -- that was exactly the point. Don't they teach Biblical theology in Germany? How do you get to be the Chairman of the Bishop's Conference without knowing and teaching that fact? An ignorant country priest in a small province, maybe -- but an Archbishop and Chairman?!

Is this silly season? We just talked about other Bishops who have gone off the reservation. These guys are supposed to be leaders and teachers of the Faithful. Can we really blame the average Catholic for not knowing their moral theology when we have leaders like this?

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