Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jellystone Fun

Jellystone Park is having a video contest to show how you have fun at Jellystone (yes, the one with Yogi Bear). I don't enter contests as a rule, but this is one we think we can win on the merits.

See what you're missing -- Jellystone: It Gets Into You is my entry. They forced me to cut the music to enter the contest (50% of the punch), but I think it still stands head and shoulders above the rest! (Even though my music was copyright free. Sigh.)

Reasons for helping? The kids love the park (it's our one special trip a year). The prize money just about equals the pay cut I took this year; the driveway needs repair; and the kids tuition is due. Plus, it's a real family park, and we're a real family -- look at all the Nodlings!

We'd like to win with your help; we need at least 1500 votes to get in the semifinals. You can vote every 7 days. Contest ends September 11.

Vote for me as the best video at
See all the videos at

Spread the word and help a deserving family!


Patrick said...

good stuff. I'd love to see it with the music sometime.

Nod said...

It's waaaaaaay better with the music.

Rachael said...

Looks good! I got my vote in!


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