Friday, July 10, 2009

Going To Goshen

Wynken is going on his first camping trip to Goshen with the Scouts.

Since our troop went to Goshen during the same time as our annual family vacation, this means a couple of things:

a) he's going with his cousin's troop, which should be a blast for him, and
b) I'm out of vacation time, so I can't go myself.

Have fun boys; check for ticks; and come home in one piece.

Lake Merriweather from Viewing Rock

Goshen is the National Capital Area Council's long-term resident summer camp located on 4,000+ acres in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. There are six separate camps on the shores of 450-acre Lake Merriweather. The Boy Scouts use three of the camps for troop camping, the Webelos Scouts use two of the camps for their activities, and the High Adventure crews, hiking in the back country, depart from the sixth camp.


Goshen Scout Reservation is located about three and one-half hours from Washington, D.C., near Lexington, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is located in some of the most beautiful country in America, and has its own private 450-acre Lake Merriweather, which is used for the varied water activities that make summer camp exciting and comfortable.

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FamilyMan said...

Soon to be home to the National Jamboree, too.


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