Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teach Like Me Or Get Out

Stuff like this I find both unbelievable and -- no pun intended -- intolerable. Adam Kissel of the Washington Examiner writes in his column:

Michele Kerr has had a harder year than most aspiring math teachers. For her the math was easy and the teaching was a snap. The problem was the Stanford Teacher Education Program. Once administrators found out she didn't fully share what she calls the "progressive" teaching philosophy that is pervasive at STEP and education schools nationwide, they tried to thwart her career.

This is the kind of stuff that Bob Parks over at Black and Right features from time to time. Just when I think maybe things like this don't really happen, it rears its ugly head again. In the end, she sued and prevailed, but you gotta fight to have and keep your own mind sometimes.

Marketplace of ideas, my foot.


Anonymous said...

Adam Kissel, not Andrew Kissel

Nod said...

Fixed, thanks.


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