Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waiting On The Goods

I like planting and growing fruits and vegetables.

My little crops are at that agonizing stage where I can see the fruits, but they are not ripe yet.

I see little squashes and zucchinis, tomatoes and (surprise!) okra, peppers and spinach. Hurry up, you cucumbers and melons. Grow, you corn! Where are the peas, please?

I'm getting impatient for my own "fruit of the vine, work of human hands".


David Marciniak said...

I have been observing the most delicious little Cubanelle peppers growing in my garden, which never seem to ripen...I jut hope I can get them before the squirrel looking ominously at me from a distance makes his move. We are two foes staring each other down. I blink first every time. Blasted rodent.

Nod said...

My nemesis is a groundhog, which is just a bigger rodent.


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