Monday, July 13, 2009

It's All About The Benjamins

I hate it when they use our capitalism against us.

By they, I mean the re-architects of the social order. The Universal Health Care Squad is proposing to take our money and create yet another failed entitlement program in the name of "helping" the poor.

The rhetoric has morphed in recent weeks with proponents saying that the "public option" will be much less than originally envisaged and that it will be only an option, etc., etc.

But Hugh Hewitt at the Washington Examiner has got it exactly right. If the government creates a "public option" -- however small -- the big businesses will end up cramming it down our throats at the first opportunity.
[Examiner] "If the government option/public plan" costs $300 per employee per month and private-sector insurance costs $350 per employee per month, the choice to push their work force into the waiting arms of President Obama's new bureaucracy will make itself."

"They will have to "do the math" if the "government option/public plan" makes it into law ... [because] they owe shareholders and investors an objective assessment of what will improve their bottom lines."

"What [employer] will hesitate to fix and shift the cost of health care for their staffs to the federal government?"

The thing I like least about publicly traded companies with "obligations" to the shareholders to maximize their monies is that it rarely leads to doing the right thing and almost always leads to doing the most profitable thing.

Because after all, it's all about the Benjamins.

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