Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Shoot The Horse Just Yet

I feel terrible - physically, anyway.

After a month of killer stress, my shoulders are in knots, my neck is out of whack, I got circulation problems / tingling in my legs and feet, and ringing/pressure in my ears.

Man, get out the shotgun, the horse is lookin' lame. But hold, wait! All is not lost.

I was going to say I broke down and went to the doctor; then I changed my mind; now I realize that is exactly what's going on: my body broke down and I'm going to the doctor's office.

Went to the witch doctor chiropractor already and he - pardon the pun - put me straight. My C1 and T12 lumbar were so obviously out of whack they were painful to the touch. Crick! Crack! Not nearly so painful now. Getting there.

The tingling pain is caused from sitting forward in my chair too much, cutting off the circulation to my legs. Some running and exercise will lessen the stress (yay, endorphins!) and get the muscles loosened and the blood flowing.

The ear pressure / ringing will be a bit harder to fix. It's basically caused by swollen eustachian tubes which are really hard to treat empirically. In the past when this happens, a nasal sterioid has done the trick. Now, not so much. It makes ANY sound painful to hear. Not what I need right now with a house full of Nodlings.

Already been to Soul Doctor via Confession:
My son, when you are ill, delay not, but pray to God, who will heal you:
Flee wickedness; let your hands be just, cleanse your heart of every sin;
Offer your sweet-smelling oblation and petition, a rich offering according to your means.
Then give the doctor his place lest he leave; for you need him too. -- Sirach 38:9-12

Going to the ENT doctor tomorrow. Put that shotgun away for another day, this one's going to make it.

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