Sunday, July 5, 2009

GE Now Experimenting On Babies

These bozos just dropped to the bottom of my Crap List.

I did a quick appliance check -- no GE that I can see -- a Whirlpool and a Frigidaire (although who knows who owns who these days). And yes, I know there's a difference between the Appliance Division and the Healthcare Division, but the brand gets to take the kudos and the lumps all together.

You can be sure that my next appliance will NOT be from GE.

These moral cretins are actually talking about sparing the lab rats in favor of experimenting on embryonic humans. Here's a clue why that drug testing would work better: they're humans.

[Discovery] Although ethical debates about the use of embryonic stem cells continue to rage, stem cell technology is beginning to make its way into the medical marketplace. Yesterday, General Electric division GE Healthcare announced that it’s teaming up with the biotechnology company Geron in a venture that will use embryonic stem cells to develop products that could give drug developers an early warning of whether new medicines are toxic [Reuters].
Read the rest of the article.

UPDATE: Weird. GE seems to be largely a media company these days.


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