Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things That Are Not Encouraging

It rained around late afternoon or early evening today.

After days of carrying a cane umbrella around to no purpose, today I was dry and they were covering their heads with their briefcases.

It was a hot, sticky, overcast summer day in Washington. I parked my car at the Metro garage somewhere mid-level and interior.

As I was finding my car, I noticed that all the joints in the parking garage leak. So as it is raining outside, it was raining in all the garage levels too, only slightly less.

Doing a quick survey, I discovered that the whole thing is built exactly the same at each level. All the joints line up (presumably to fit on the steel beam infrastructure underneath the concrete. (There are steel beams under there, right? Right?)

Plus, the tops of the garage are open to the sky, so this means that any water from the top level will run down the ramps to levels below as well.

This is genius. Only, not really.

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