Monday, July 6, 2009

Next Up: Dunkelweizen

After the rousing success of our Belgian Dubbel, the Homebrews will be turning their hand to a more summer-like beer: the Weizen. Being a fan of dark ales, we naturally chose the Dunkelweizen, the "dark wheat" beer.

It's like drinking a loaf of bread; what's not to like?

[Northern Brewer]

Dunkelweizen - Extract Kit

OG: 1049 / Ready: 5 weeks

Its name means "dark wheat", and that's just what it is. An amber colored version of a German hefeweizen, with the same sour-phenolic character and light hopping of its paler cousins. Although it's a bit maltier than our Hefeweizen kit, it's still a mighty refreshing beer.

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