Sunday, July 12, 2009

Control Your Environment

No, this isn't some deep thinking, soul searching, eco-friendly diatribe.

This is simply about stress: it'll kill you. It's a well worn phrase, you've heard it a thousand times. But here's the thing -- it's true.

I can feel it when it is work-induced: the stress headache, the feeling of being perpetually behind, the acid reflux, upset stomach, constricted breathing.

Thursday's solution was a couple of pints down at the corner pub with some compatriots, followed by Adoration (weird mix, I know).

Friday's solution was early to bed.

Saturday's was good old fashioned yard work and a family outing to the local burger joint, Red Robin, after Mass.

Sunday felt it creeping up again, because I'd brought work home but didn't do any. After dinner, I holed up and attacked a spreadsheet for 4 hours and then begged Mrs. Nod to help me clean the kitchen.

I feel better for having done both; it's not about would be, could be, should be -- it's about feeling in control of something in order to manage the stress. Now I can relax a little before I begin to tackle this week's deadlines.

Manage your stress before it kills you; controlling my environment does it for me. Take a deep breath and try not to care so much about things that are passing ...

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