Saturday, August 29, 2009

They Took My Safeway

The Safeway grocery store up the street closed its doors for the last time here at the end of August. Not much reason was given, except for one employee said they weren't making enough money and something about their stock price took a big hit recently.Now, since my average grocery bill is 3-5 Benjamins, I thought I was personally keeping them afloat. The Nodlings cried when they heard about it: Safeway's the best store -- ever! Wah!

(Uh, really? I don't remember you having a preference before today ... but I digress.)

Now I'm stuck with only Shoppers, Giant, Bloom, Harris Teeter, Trader Joe, Costco, and Wegmans. Whatever will I do?


David Marciniak said...

Wegmans rocks.

Nod said...

Yeah, man. Sometimes I refuse to come home from Wegmans. :-)


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