Friday, August 28, 2009

Still Life With Cameraphone: Hitchhiker

Readers of this blog are aware that I've been exercising the old cameraphone lately, as I move about Washington. Sometimes, you are able to catch the most unexpected things.

Driving to the Metro this morning I was startled and amused by something I saw at the red light: a hitchhiker had grabbed a ride on the car in front of me unbeknownst to the driver. It was really too far for the cameraphone to get clearly, but right there circled in green is a praying mantis on the trunk.

Hey, buddy, the slug line is one block over. Does this mean this guy gets to use the HOV lanes?


Anonymous said...

Mom's car picked up a similar hitchhiker the other day.
When I went to park the car (I was driving; she was sitting shotgun) and roll up the windows, a mantis on the passenger-side mirror started feeling out the window with its antennae. As I tried to figure out how to time the roll-up so as not to injure the bug's groping antennae, I absent-mindedly said, "I'll try not to kill this mantis here..."

Mom said, "be careful! I don't want you to go to jail for killing a praying mantis."

Ah, mom.

Roger said...

I had a stowaway in my car this week. Nothing a little mousetrap couldn't solve. I'll spare you the photos.

Nod said...

Yikes! Mousetrap!


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