Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feather Or Not

There was an accident involving toddlers and unmentionable body fluids which ended up in the couch pillows being washed.

I just walked into the laundry room and there are feathers everywhere.

It looks like those late night comedy sketches where they pretend to shoot a bird from the sky and then throw double handfuls of feathers on the guy from just offstage. That's my laundry room right now.

I'm still looking for the duck.


Polska said...

Toddlers, as in more than one of them was involved in getting the fluids on the couch cushions? In trying to picture how this is possible, I'm almost, kinda hoping the 'unmentionable' is blood.

Nod said...

Um ... no. Let's just say it was an Oxyclean moment.


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