Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can A Bicycle Have Bling?

If a bike could have bling, then Blynken would definitely be in love with it. The girl loves things that sparkle, things that have ribbons, and things that are pink.

Well, that's what her new bicycle looks like: Peppermint Swirl. It's got pom poms on the handle, white wall tires with a blue stripe and a plastic carry-all on the handlebars.Of course she fell immediately in love with it as: "exactly what I wanted". Sure, OK, right. What made it good for me was that it was actually on sale, so I saved a few dollars on it. I'm looking at the frame, the height, fit, and brakes; she's looking at the color, the accessories, and paint job.

Sigh. That's why girls have Dads. So we can look at the boring but necessary stuff while they just enjoy the thing for what it is. And I suppose that's how it should be at her age.

She actually really enjoys riding a bike, so I didn't mind getting her a new one that fit, so she didn't have to ride the 14" tots bike. I took both Wynken and Blynken on a bike ride by turns today, and they both used that bike since it was the only working kids bike. Since then, Blynken got a new bike, I bought a new tire for Wynken's bike, and now Nod-girl wants to learn how to ride, so I've got to dig up the training wheels.

I'll make 'em a bike riding family yet.

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