Monday, August 10, 2009

Yeas And Nays

First, I have to give props to President Clinton for successfully obtaining the release of the two American reporters detained by North Korea earlier this week. Only someone of Clinton's stature could have pulled this off with a megalomaniac dictator like Kim Jung Il.

Although Kim will try to use this face to face meeting with a (former) American president to legitimize his Communist rule, the picture is worth a thousand words. To take a hugely emotive person like Bill Clinton and have him deadpan in that group photo with Kim Jung Il is a monumental feat. Props, Bill. Nothing says: I'm-only-doing-this-because-I have-to like that dead fish expression in the photo.

Next, I have to give a Blynken Raspberry to Al Gore, who allowed his reporters to violate the North Korean border, get arrested, and make their rescue necessary to the irreparable damage of the reputation and standing of the United States.

Go back to your global-warming-climate-change-carbon-credit bunker and stop embarassing us. Nobody believes that you and Bill are still buddies, much less that you ever were. Politics is about pragmatism and you sold out a long time ago.

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