Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still Life With Cameraphone

The picture quality is terrible since it came from my phone camera, but it was a target of opportunity. People are forever doing fruit bowls as still life, so I figured it was "ripe" for a picture - pardon the pun. Plus, I have produce envy. ;-)

This is my real fruit bowl, not a strategically arranged grouping. On top are some ripe bananas astride two yellow squash from my garden. Also from my garden are the three green items in the lower left: green pepper, okra, and a zebra heirloom tomato. Mixed in are an assortment of apples, peaches, and Roma tomatoes, also from the garden.

Looks good enough to eat -- wait, I did!


Patrick said...

I know for a fact you have something better than that camera phone to take produce pictures. Come on, shutterbug. Get with the program! ;)

Kay said...

Phone cameras are amazing for sheer at-hand-ness and I'm surprised how good these pictures are. It never ceases to amaze me that pictures can be taken and displayed so conveniently now. I don't have a camera phone, but I need to get out more with my digital. Thanks for the inspiration.


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