Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Impressions In The City

Today the Metro broke down -- again. Oh, it wasn't my train, but it didn't matter: late is late. This is getting tiring, wondering what the "next thing" is going to be with this system.

Nevertheless, I got off a stop early and hoofed it to my destination. This caused me to pass right by the headquarters of the AFL-CIO.

As I passed by, I couldn't help thinking about the nation's largest federation of trade unions. When you think Union, you think AFL-CIO -- right along with the Teamsters and Jimmy Hoffa. I'm sure the rumors of racketeering and intimidation are greatly exaggerated. They can't all be thugs.

As I passed by the loading/garage entrance there were a number of burly crew-cut men standing around "supervising". The whole atmosphere had a very don't-enter-here sort of look about it. They have their own credit union ATM built into the exterior of the building (members only). A sign proclaimed they were "rebuilding America". It was just an impression, but a strong one.

Just because they were standing around watching the passers by, every one of them four feet wide in the chest, with sleeves rolled up and ready for action, and just because they represent organized labor with a bunch of overhyped stories about people buried in cement or broken kneecaps for voting against the party line doesn't mean that they are automatically big bad thugs. That's stereotyping, right?

I'm sure they're very nice thugs.

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