Sunday, October 31, 2010

Research DS: Revolutions

Interesting. Spirit Juice Studios has a video promoting Research Down Syndrome (RDS).

From the website
Research Down Syndrome (RDS) is a non-profit foundation that supports Down syndrome cognitive research, an area that in the last 5 years has experienced great advances towards developing biomedical therapies to treat the cognitive impairment of people of all ages with Down syndrome. The potential of these treatments to address Down syndrome cognitive dysfunction is tremendous - improving memory, learning and communication – and expanding and enhancing life opportunities for these individuals.

Until recently, the medical and research community considered the cognitive impairment associated with Down syndrome to be too complex to understand, offering no hope for the development of treatments. Now scientists have identified unique biological mechanisms associated with cognitive dysfunction in Down syndrome, suggesting the promise of targeted biomedical therapies that could lead to improvement in the intellectual difficulties experienced by those with Down syndrome.

In recent decades, improved health care, expanded educational and community opportunities, and the support of families and advocacy groups has improved the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome. As a result, the life expectancy of those with Down syndrome has more than doubled -- underscoring the importance of development of treatments that will assist this population to achieve and maintain independent living. We believe that individuals with Down syndrome should have access to effective drug therapies in a manner consistent with many medical conditions.

Research Down Syndrome(a 501(c)(3) approved foundation) will support world-class scientists with the goal of continuing these revolutionary advances. RDS, through personal contributions and the support of friends, has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Down syndrome cognitive research. This support and RDS’ low administrative costs ensure that 100% of all contributions go directly to research.

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