Thursday, October 21, 2010

24:15 Nods Of The Round Table

Growing up, my mother firmly believed that the family should eat dinner together at the table every night without exception. She bought a round table to seat the eight of us for a couple of reasons: first, that no one would fight about what “side” of the table they were on; and second, so that we could all see and talk to each other more easily. It also had the benefit of being able to squeeze in the inevitable assortment of guests that we brought home every week.

Eating meals together is one of the quintessential human activities. We use it not simply to nourish ourselves, but to celebrate, to mark special occasions, to socialize, for comfort, and so on. We have developed elaborate customs and rituals surrounding it. One of our most important Sacraments is a re-presentation of the Last Supper. Our Lord attaches so much importance to it that He Himself became food for us.

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