Thursday, October 14, 2010

24:15 Life In 4D

 You’d have to be blind not to be able to see the baby in there but for some people it takes a special illumination. I took Mrs. Nod to get our 20 week pregnancy sonogram (ultrasound) at the clinic. With five other Nodlings to our credit, we’ve been there before and we know the drill.

Sonograms are a useful medical diagnostic tool to see things like bone and organ development in a largely safe and non-invasive way. Getting to see an ultrasound of your baby in utero is an exciting prospect. The first time you look at a sonogram, however, may be a bit bewildering.

It is a two-dimensional display of a bunch of black and white wavy lines that look like the doppler weather map on your local TV news. It doesn’t help that the technician doing the ultrasound keeps waving the ultrasound wand about in a vertigo inducing manner.

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