Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ales Of The Revolution

It's an amateur academic sport to debate who was the greatest among our Founding Fathers. There is so much to consider: presidents, poets, statesmen, warrirors, businessmen, agriculturalists, scholars, and so on.

I say let's judge them by their beer. Now we can do just that. The Yards Brewing Company has gathered and produced the Ales of the Revolution line of craft beers. They have the recipes from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and yes, George Washington.

So far I have sampled the Extra Special Ale, the Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce Ale, and Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale.  If I had to judge on beer alone, I'd say that Poor Richard (aka Franklin) kicks TJ's boo-tay all over the place.

Jefferson seems to have saved all his flourish for the Declaration and none for his beer.
A strong golden ale, based on Jefferson's original recipe, which included ingredients specified and grown on his Virginia estate.

Franklin's molasses and spruce ale is surprisingly refreshing, and reminds me of, well, Christmas trees. The molasses imparts a subdued sweetness, but isn't too heavy like you might expect.

The Extra Special Ale is also yummy.
Crafted from the finest ingredients and originally intended for the cask-ale connoisseur, Extra Special Ale is a robust and hearty amber ale with a malt body and aromatic hop finish.
 Next time, I'll have to see what old George Washington put in his Tavern Porter for his men.
 Rich and warming with a deep garnet hue, the molasses-based Tavern Porter™ reflects Washington's admiration of Philadelphia-style porters and follows a recipe Washington used himself, when brewing beer to satisfy his thirsty field officers.
History never tasted so good!

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