Friday, October 15, 2010

Drumroll Please

Mrs. Nod and I went for the 20 week sonogram and saw the baby. And yes, of course we found out what it was. What is the point of arguing about 50% of the names if you can eliminate half by gender?

Up to now, we've had what you'd call in Poker a "Full House - queens over kings", which means 3 girls and two boys.  With this latest roll of the dice it was either going to be Red or Black - put your money down. We looked the dealer in the eye, pushed the chips to the middle, went all in and said "Hit Me".  The roulette wheel spun, the house made odds, and the jackpot lit.
That gives us a perfect split between boys and girls - a Brady Bunch split. I find that extremely cool. Now I can use phrases like "My Three Sons", "Half & Half", "Guys & Dolls", and "Eight Is Enough".

Ok, I think I've run out of mixed metaphors and cliches.

Or have I?


RAnn said...

Congratulations. Enjoy your name fight!

Joann said...

How wonderful! You're over the gender hurdle and in 20 more weeks you can look him in the eyes and call him by name. Hmmmm....only 20 weeks to decide on a name. Pressures on! Congratulations and good luck!


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