Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Knights held an Oktoberfest celebration at the parish last weekend. It featured beer, brats, red cabbage, German potatoes, chicken, and apple strudel.

The entertainment also included a live accordion player - he was great. He had the seniors singing favorite tunes early in the evening and by the end of the night he had the children sitting on the edge of the stage joining him for Old McDonald Had a Farm.

I enjoyed the food like nobody's business. I'm beginning to think Oktoberfest is German for "comfort food". We have a good dose of German heritage, so I guess you could say it's in the blood. Mrs. Nod was excited to see an add for Italian night. Meh. Pasta. Give me sausage and beer any day!

Meanwhile my brother is in Europe at the real thing. Hoist a tankard for me! The English drink beer by the pint - very polite of them. The Germans drink it by the liter. Where would you rather be? You decide.

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