Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The World's Toughest Catholic Quiz

The Q Continuum alerts us to an article in USA Today that says that Americans like God, they just don't know anything about Him.

In fact, they are pretty ignorant when it comes to doctrine. Let's face it, Catholics have more doctrine per square inch than most religions. (Hey, when it's True, there's a lot to say about it.) To prove them wrong, Q links to the World’s Toughest Catholic Quiz first posted by This Rock author Karl Keating.

I took it and -- without cheating -- I got 16 out of 20 correct. It would have been 17, but I didn't select what I knew was the right answer on one or two of 'em (too much second guessing). Guess I'll have to study a little harder before taking over adult education at the parish!

Now you try!

Don't fret if your percentage is lower than you expected it to be.

As you see, the Catholic faith is a very exact thing. Yes, you can be saved even if you know it imperfectly, but your value as an apologist will increase as you learn how much you still have to learn.

Here are the official rankings:

Fewer than four answers correct: Downright embarrassing. Even random guessing should have gotten you a score of four out of twenty. Crumple up your answer sheet and make a novena.

Four to seven answers correct: Frankly, pretty poor. You have a long way to go before you're prepared to explain your faith in public.

Eight to ten answers correct: On the low side, but you will be spared public penance.

Eleven to thirteen answers correct: About average or a little better--nothing to be ashamed about, but nothing to write home about either.

Fourteen to sixteen answers correct: You're nearly ready to take over the adult education classes in your parish--you need to do just a little more homework.

Seventeen to nineteen answers correct: Wonderful! You have every reason to be satisfied with yourself.

Twenty correct: Zounds! Contact me about a job as an apologist.


LarryD said...

15 out of 20 correct. Some of the choices made it difficult - it was a tough quiz. Good thing I won't have to take it at the pearly gates...

Steven R. McEvoy said...

I got 18 but I just graduated after 10 years part time studies for a BA Religious Studies specializing in Roman Catholic Thought.


Nod said...

Those are some pretty good scores, Steven!

TheTim said...

My Official score: 17 out of 20
My Real score: 19 out of 20

Question 17: The official answer is that "no valid marriage existed, blahblahblah kids". Not true! A valid *natural* marriage existed. An annulment is a declaration that *sacramental matrimony* did not take place.

Question 19: the official answer is that "serious and mortal sin are the same thing". Also not true! A sin being *serious* is one of three preconditions for a sin to be mortal (the other two being that 1) you have to know it's serious, and 2) that you have to freely choose to do it anyway). Seriousness is necessary but insufficient to determine mortality.

I was legitimately busted on the fact that sisters are considered lay people.


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