Thursday, September 2, 2010

24:15 Farewell Virginia

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 Farewell, Virginia.

No, this is not an ode to the Old Dominion; rather, another soul has departed to see God face to face -- may He be merciful to you.

Aunt Ginny has died.

It's a funny thing to be celebrating the beginning of a new life with a child on the one hand and the end of another life on the other hand. Our lives are full of dichotomies and contrasts that way.
My dwelling, like a shepherd's tent,
is struck down and borne away from me;
You have folded up my life, like a weaver
who severs the last thread. (Is 38:12)
Aunt Ginny was someone who loved life and the God who gave it to her. If ever someone could make lemonade out of life's lemons it was she. Aunt Ginny was born into crushing poverty in the hollows of West Virginia (they called it "the Holler"). The community she lived in was so isolated that a visiting linguist declared it was one of the last pockets in America where the accent of the Queen's English could still be heard. "I was hiding behind the boosh (bush)."

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