Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Engine Engine Number 9

I'm not superstitious, so mere numbers don't bother me. (Unless it's my bank account preceded by a minus sign!)

Today, I submitted a travel claim to the company for $666. My boss gave a little shudder and said half-jokingly, "Can't you add 1 more or less mile to the total to avoid that number?". I just smiled and clicked "submit". (Everybody knows ALL money is evil, right? I just need some of it to pay my bills.)

Friday the 13th doesn't scare me, I'm not triskaidekaphobic in the least. In fact, I got married on the 13th, and one of my family was born on a 13th -- if anything, it has been a lucky day!

Numbers are just, well, numbers. Sure, some have symbolic meanings and such, and I get Biblical numerology, but they don't bother me unduly. My favorite number is ridiculously large so games of "pick a number" usually take a while.

Besides, I learned from Schoolhouse Rock that 3 Is A Magic Number.

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