Thursday, September 30, 2010

24:15 Interview With The Nodlings

As Catholic Dads our main focus is on the physical and spiritual care of our families, especially our children. We struggle to do our best but sometimes we wonder how well we're actually doing. How well do our kids know their faith? Are they absorbing what we are teaching them in the home or Catholic school or Church? What is their understanding of things and how does it change as they mature? Of all the ways of determining our efficacy, sometimes it is simplest to just ask the children.

Kids say the funniest things sometimes. Catholic Dads Online sat down with three of the Nodling girls, Blynken, Nod-girl, and Nib, to see what they had to say on matters of the Faith. It is in that spirit that we present to you: Interview With The Nodlings.

Nib is three years old so our interview was necessarily short.
CDO:  Do you know who Jesus is?
Nib:     Jesus Christ!
CDO: Yes, that's right. What else?
Nib:    Daddy, look at the cat!
The other girl Nodlings were a little more on topic.[...]

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