Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nikki And Babs Giveaway

Fellow Catholic Dads contributor, Tim Burke at Salvation Is An Adventure, is giving away a free DVD of Niki and Babs: Do and Doubts!

Tim reviewed this Christian episodic for girl teens back in July, and it was something that piqued my interest since I have 3 girls of my own. They haven't quite reached their teens just yet, but a father can't be too prepared -- and you have to snatch up all the good resources while they are available.

I have one sister and growing up it was like a different soap opera every week. In talking to my wife, it is building good relationships that is toughest for girls. Yes, they are better at it than boys, but they can also be much nastier and cliquish. So good models are key.

Tim writes:
The series of five episodes centers on Nikki, a quiet, reserved teenager who is forced to spend the summer with her loud, boisterous cousin, Babs. The interaction between the two is hilarious. Each episode involves an adventure that Nikki and Babs encounter over the course of their summer together. Each episode also take on a specific Christian theme:

  1. Judgment Day: Nikki learns that judging others only leads to hurt and a feeling of guilt.
  2. Idle Worship: Both Nikki and Babs learn that it is better to worship Christ than man.
  3. A Difficult Thing: Babs damages the trust Nikki has in her and must make a sacrifice in order to regain that trust.
  4. Y-N-V: Nikki is envious of Babs' accomplishments as they battle for the same job.
  5. Vanity Share: Babs learns a lesson in vanity as she and Nikki decide whether to enter a local beauty pageant or participate in their church talent show.
Sounds good to me! Tim says it's a great resource that he uses with his youth groups, and who am I to disbelieve him? If you're feeling generous, Tim, send a copy my way!

If you'd like a shot at a free copy, pop on over to Salvation Is An Adventure and leave him a comment. Better yet, blog or tweet on it and get two chances to win.

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