Thursday, September 16, 2010

24:15 The Girl Of My Dreams

My wife tried to dump me twice when we were dating: once at the 1 year anniversary and again at the 2 year anniversary. It seems I wasn’t getting around to asking her to marry me soon enough. Now as it turns out, she did get asked on our 2 year anniversary, but it was the priest who saved us.

They say if you want to meet a nice girl, go to Church. After a couple of years post-graduate I’d been living and working in the city and not meeting anyone new and certainly not faithful Catholic girls. So I joined some young adults at the Church who were doing the Renew faith sharing program and small groups. There I met a girl who was involved in a community theater show which was in desperate need of more guys. A few batted eyelashes later, I was in the show too.

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