Friday, September 10, 2010

Top Ten Things I Did That Still Surprise Me

The ever entertaining LarryD tagged me in a new meme - "Top Ten Things I Did That Still Surprise The H-E-double-hockey-sticks Out Of Me".

  1. Eating raw fish - oh, sure that's tame: except the first time
  2. Ended up the most popular guy in high school for 1 month after playing the lead role in Grease
  3. Went skinny dipping in the Gulf of Mexico
  4. Distributed food to the poor living at a dump in Turkey
  5. Stared down the barrels of machine guns of Turkish police for doing #4
  6. Broke into a South American bank without going to jail or getting killed
  7. Drove 100 mph around a two lane cliff road in Pennsylvania - once
  8. Walked away from the biggest salary I ever had
  9. Avoided getting mugged in Toronto by a couple of inches
  10. Made a pass at the woman who became my wife!
Now it's my turn to tag 5 other unsuspecting victims:
  1. Kardinal (you can do it in the comments)
  2. David Marciniak
  3. Polskapolskas-two-cents
  4. Terry Nelson!
  5. RAnn at This That and the Other Thing


LarryD said...

Wow, what a list!

Nod said...

Believe me the rest of my life is waaayyyyy tame.


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