Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Epic: A Journey Through Church History

Epic: A Journey Through Church History published by Ascension Press makes Church history look very exciting.

I love this promo video, especially starting at ~40 sec.

The actual series is a 20 CD set that is largely lecture format. Now, if we could just pair them up with a great documentary maker like Ken Burns or if the presentation followed in the same vein as the promo, this would be phenomenal.


aka the Mom said...

Coolness. I want it.

Heather said...

Wow! This looks fantastic! $300? YIKES!! I wonder if our homeschool group would chip in a few bucks per family and then pass it around.

Nod said...

I posted this because I love the demo video, but I DON'T think the actual series looks anything like it except for covering those time periods.

Otherwise, I'd own it already.

Nod said...

Looks like I'm not the first to find this. Here is a comment from Steve Weidenkopf on a post over at Fallible Blogma.

"Greetings. I’m the creator and presenter of the Epic: A Journey through Church History 20 part study series. Thanks for highlighting Epic on your blog. I wanted to respond to some of the comments left by your readers. Epic was designed as an adult faith formation program for parish groups – now that does not mean individuals can’t use the product – they can. Epic was published a little over a year ago (Feb. 09) and we’ve received positive reports from around the US and Canada from groups as well as individuals. Although most of the presentations involve my lectures – we did add graphics to the presentation – such as pictures of saints, maps, etc – in an attempt to give people something to look at other than myself. "

Sweetums5 said...

Arresting is the word! Wish they had an epic film that looked like this.


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