Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Of Love

There must be something in the water, and my family is drinking it by the bucket load.

This summer is chock full of weddings and the planning and coordination is getting quite complex, including a series of local and out of town events. My sister is getting married this summer, followed a month later by my cousin.

Now, somehow, my brother has managed to squeeze an engagement in between various wedding events. Congratulations, Shoe! Your Girl Friday, is a great catch!

Everybody is getting hitched, and it's just as well. The Nodlings and their younger cousins have started to become confused as to who is married and who is not yet. In my family, when you become serious about someone you bring them over for Sunday brunch at Mom's house. We hold it every Sunday as one, big, giant family.

If we like you and you survive the circus for a month or two, you're pretty much adopted. After a year of brunches, the Nodlings begin to wonder why you're not married to my relative and they start asking you probing and embarrassing questions about it.

So come one, come all to the feast; but watch out! the Nodlings have got their eyes on you and they're not afraid to grill you about it.

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