Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gargoyle Code Arrives

The U.S. mail still runs fairly well, despite its drawbacks. The latest delight in my mailbox were half a dozen copies of The Gargoyle Code by Fr. Dwight Longenecker.

And they are autographed: To my number one fan and his awesome family ... ok, maybe not, but they are signed, which I find extremely cool. You rock, Fr. L.!

The book is written as a series of letters from a senior Tempter to his protege in Screwtape fashion and is specifically set up for Lent. The index tells you which letter to read from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Sunday.

I'm looking forward to both reading it and writing a review in this space. It's not too late for you to get in on the action either, get yours today!

Help Push Gargoyle Code

My Screwtape Letters-type book, The Gargoyle Code began its life here on this blog. As readers will know it is structured as a Lent book. The letters begin on Shrove Tuesday and take you through to Easter Day.

I am therefore having a big push to get as many copies out there as possible. Here's how you can help:

  1. If you have a blog, a parish paper, a diocesan paper or any print outlet, and would like a review copy please email me and we will send you one. I just ask that you really do have such an outlet for a review and that you publish the review before the beginning of Lent.

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