Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tales From The Cold: New Signs

There are some new signs atop the Vienna Metro: snow dumping.


Mrs. Nod said...

God obviously did not obey their sign.

laurazim said...

New reader here--Clicked over from Fr. Longenecker's place. I'm follower #21!

Can't say I feel too much for ya on the snow thing....comes with the territory here in WI. I get it, though, that it's not exactly your typical winter out there.....

I look forward to reading more. +JMJ+

Nod said...

Welcome laurazim! Thanks for stopping by and following.

Yes, this much snow is very out of the ordinary here. Humidity and bugs: yes, snow measured in feet: no.

the Mom said...

Thanks for the "nod of approval" on my little poem. I knew the ladies would like it, but I had my doubts about the men.


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