Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wynken Post-Op Post

Just a short update on Wynken's surgery that we scheduled back in January that took place last Friday.

He had his adenoids (think: nose tonsils) removed successfully but it was a little trying on Mrs. Nod. Wynken's surgery was scheduled for a 1:00 PM start time, but he had to fast from midnight onward the night before. By the time he was done, his blood sugar was at rock bottom: ugliness ensued.

The combination of low blood sugar, anxiety, and anesthesia disorientation led to a post-op screaming fit -- pushing and kicking the nurses, trying to rip out the IV, and general hysteria. Apparently, this is not that uncommon with middle-schoolers post-op (according to the nurses). By contrast, my 4 year old, Nub, only cried for 5 minutes after his hernia surgery.

After he came home and was pumped fresh with Tylenol + Codeine, he chilled and passed out. Sympathetic reactions from the surgery gave him a sore throat and some of the darkest rings around the eyes that I have seen this side of a knuckle sandwich.

Wynken is now recovering well; in fact, he'll be going back to school tomorrow but is prohibited from doing any sports for 2 weeks. Whew!

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