Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tales From The Cold: Aftershock

The DC region still hasn't really recovered from the blizzard of 2010. We don't get snow measured in feet here normally, and we don't deal with it well regardless of amount.

For whatever reason, the traffic this morning was abysmal and there was nowhere to park at the Metro garage as half the top deck still has ice mounds on it. I parked a mile away at a shopping center and hoofed it back to the train nearly getting myself run over in the process since the sidewalks are unavailable.

The blizzard was a lot like an earthquake for our region. Like most large earthquakes, there are always aftershocks. Now there is more snow in the forecast. (Rumble, rumble) It's only 3 inches this time; normally that would be paralyzing for us, but after the blizzard nobody is panicked over it. It's all what you're accustomed to, I guess.

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