Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nib Endoscopy 2

Nib is my smart, cute, funny little two year old girl. She's also a pint sized munchkin.

Her growth chart is abysmal, with height and weight starting to fall off the bottom of the curve. So she's headed in to the specialist for an endoscopy to see if there are any upper-GI or digestive issues.

Update: Nib had her endoscopy, which means they stuck a fiber-optic camera down her throat, had a look around, and took a biopsy while they were in her stomach.

The good news is that they didn't find any obstruction, her bloodwork came back negative for celiac disease, crones disease, allergies, and vitamin D deficiency.

The bad news is they didn't find anything at all, so we don't know anything more than when we started. We are now going with the high-calorie food-o-lympics complete with record book.

Never a dull moment around here.


the Mom said...

We're praying for your wee one.

I, myself, was a tiny girl. I was tested twice to see if I was going to be a midget. (I'm now 5'5") I didn't grow to a normal height until after high school. It may just be the way she grows.

Nod said...

Sigh. Thanks. It doesn't keep us from worrying though, does it?

In the meantime, have some ice cream, kid!

the Mom said...

It doesn't, and it doesn't make it any easier when you have to use the kindergarten desk (with Cookie Monster and Big Bird on it)when you're in the 3rd grade because the regular desks are too tall for you to write. I had the 1970s version of all those tests.

It makes it no easier now, but it will make for a good story when she's grown.

How about a swap? I offer up the worry over my son's OCD and constant threat of abdominal surgery from something he ate for your girl and you offer your worry up for him? I'm thinking we need a worrying parents support group.

Nod said...

Sounds good to me.

vishnuprasath said...

The main advantage of endoscopy is that it can be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic (treatment) purposes. Hence endoscopy has become a mandatory investigation in Gastroenterology.


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